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What are Extensive Plyometrics?

What are Extensive Plyometrics?

May 01, 2022

Perform HQ

Extensive plyometrics are sub-maximal plyometrics that are typically performed at lower intensity for longer durations. These exercises allow for system loading to be sub-maximal but localised loading to still be demanding.

Some examples of extensive plyometrics are skipping, hopping and pogo jumps.


Sub-maximal exposure allows for a type of stress that isn’t necessarily challenging the tissue to express the most amount of force, but simply improves the capacity of these tissues to handle more volume.

The consistent low grade exposure leads to an ideal  base building adaption, think of it like building calluses vs getting blisters.

The list of benefits we are chasing with these Extensive Plyometrics are tissue capacity, tissue tolerance, technique/skill, stretch shortening cycle as well as improving tendon function.