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Perform HQ 2022 Off-Season Game Plan

Perform HQ 2022 Off-Season Game Plan

Aug 15, 2022

Perform HQ

It's nearly that time of year again.

The opportunity to take a step back from your sport and put time, effort and resources in the qualities you want to build within your game

Rolling off the momentum of last year's successful off-season we're looking to go big this year!

Having athletes from all different sports such as AFL, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Touch Football, Soccer, Basketball and so on. It's gonna be an incredible sporting environment to train within.


Before we start. With finals being around the first two weeks of September. After that we recommend taking one-two weeks off. Doesn't mean you don't continue some kind of physical preparation or training. But, just mentally unwind and get away from sport for a few weeks.

But after that, it's go time.


The GAME PLAN will go as follows;

OFF-SEASON 2022 STARTS MONDAY THE 3rd OCTOBER. THEN AT THE END OF THE OFF-SEASON WE WILL GIVE ALL OUR ATHLETES THE OPTION TO COMPETE IN THE IN-HOUSE PERFORM HQ COMBINE. The perfect way to see how you're matching up against other athletes heading into the pre-season. More to come on this.

"But i want to start before October 3rd?" It always happens, so those that are eager to start prior, we'll have something for you. START YOUR OFF-SEASON EARLY - CLICK HERE

For this off-season we're going to be running an 'open coaching' format. So basically you'll sign up to the semi-private coaching with the options of either;
Tier 1: 1 session per week
Tier 2: UNLIMITED sessions per week.

The session times will be as shown.

You will be given your own personal training plan and have the freedom to attend the times and days that suit you. Obviously if utilising the UNLIMITED option it helps remove the need to pay for a second gym membership and allows you to complete the entirety of your off-season under the watchful eye of our Perform HQ coaches. So you'll be completing your own programming in the gym, with a coach, just as the pro's would within a high level sporting team.

Perform HQ Off-Season Includes:

- Unlimited Coaching Sessions (Option of gym & field)

- Personalised Programming For Your Sport

- Sports Nutrition With Macronutrient Targets & Guidance




"But, what about the younger athletes??"
We've had a large amount of interest from students and parents about youth athletic development. So we've got something for you.
This is going to allow us to lay the perfect platform for many more off-season to come.

The 14-17 yrs will run the same times and options as our open athletes.




For our 10-13 year old athletes it will run slightly different. With an after school time slots to keep in mind the large sporting commitments already on their plate.