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Arm Farm Friday Special Ep.01

Arm Farm Friday Special Ep.01

Jan 05, 2023

Perform HQ

It's time to build one of the most important archives of all time...

The Arm Farm Friday Special.

This is going to be a collective of workouts from both an educational standpoint. But, also just a bit of fun to add some variation to your arm training.

Besides the main aesthetic appeal arm training attracts most people too. There are a host of additional benefits they can provide to the body. Things we can explain and slowly trickle in from week to week through this collective.

We start off episode 1 with some introduction to a fun pump chaser, Tempo Drop-sets.

After you complete some movement prep and your bigger movements with some eccentric focus (More a load management tool than anything with these programs being an introduction). We'll get stuck into them.

Being able to use the same exercise but manipulate a certain variables to either extend the set or just make it more efficient either time or equipment wise can be of huge value.

In the B and C series you'll see the 2012 tempos. Meaning 2 seconds on the way down, bring it back up and then hold the isometric position for 2 seconds. Top of the curl with the bar near your chin in the Kneeling Cable curls. The stretch position with your hands beside your head in the Tricep Crossover Extensions.

After you've completed the rep range with the isometric holds. Straight away you will continue the set without putting the cables down pumping out your reps with the 1010 tempo. Basically just grip and rip, go for reps and go for them quick and controlled.

It's going to a nasty superset that you're going to need to pace yourself on. Pick a weight you could normally do for 8-12 reps.

*When you see a @ this is referring to the pace or the tempo at which you complete the rep.

**Play it smart. Despite the uncontrollable excitement to chase a filthy arm pump. Pick your loads intelligently and maintain quality. It's more challenging then it looks on paper.

MP: External Rotation - Elbow On Knee 2x10-12
MP: Inverted Shoulder Push Up 3x20,15,12

A1: Two Dumbbell Preacher Curl 4x6-8 @5010 60s rest
A2: Barbell Floor Press 4x6-8 @5010 60s rest

B1: Kneeling Squat Cable Curl 4x6-8 @2012 0s rest
B2: Kneeling Squat Cable Curl 4x6-8 @1010 60s rest


C1: Standing Behind The Neck Tricep Crossover Extensions 4x6-8 @2012 0s Rest

C2: Standing Behind The Neck Tricep Crossover Extensions 4x10-12 @1010 90s rest

D1: TRX or Ring Tricep Extensions 4x15,12,10,8   60s rest
D2: Seated Neutral Grip DB Curls 4x15,12,10,8   60s rest


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Written by Isaac Davidson.