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Arm Farm Friday Special Ep.08 (The Final Episode)

Arm Farm Friday Special Ep.08 (The Final Episode)

Feb 23, 2023

Perform HQ

 We welcome you back to Episode 8, wrapping up Program One.

Today we close out the first block of Arm Farm Fridays.

We've put the full 8-week program into our training app that you can purchase for just $2.50 a workout.

These will be placed in order from workout 1 all the way through to workout 8, dropping ever Friday. But allowing you to track your progress, load %, have the training videos available during your sets and also time your rest periods.

You can purchase the full 8-week program here:

8 weeks of education and workouts in the hopes we can make some positive effects not only to the size of your biceps, but also your brains....

Education goes a long way not only for the coach, but also the athlete in the capability of executing their training to a higher standard. So we hope we've done just that.

There's two final lessons we want you to take away from now.

For those that completed the full block of training. How much impact did you notice on your arm training complementing your upper body strength?

1. This is a forgotten piece in program design in terms of accessories movements and their contributions to overall strength. 

This is an important principle across all of your program design. Identifying strength deficits.

The perfect example of this is with Females and the goal of achieving a chin up. Something that takes the most demand in the Chin Up is the Biceps. Something that get's trained the least in females is their Biceps. Dedicating a block of training to improve overall bicep strength is going to see an improvement in Chin Up strength. Removing that thought process of certain body parts and their mis-interpreting influences on body composition. And remembering their important piece in overall strength.

2. I want to showcase what a valuable tool density can be. But not normally how it's done.

In your A series you'll complete two bigger movements. 
The Chin Up and the Incline Close Grip Press.

Every minute you'll complete 3 Chin Ups, straight into 3 Presses. Then wait for the next minute to start before you complete the next set.

Perform 1-2 warm up sets before starting your 8 minute EMOM. 

But make sure to start relatively lighter. Then add a little weight every set before trying to hold for the last 2-4 sets that heavy weight. You'll find it much more effective.

Utilising low reps in dense format like this is a great way to drive some heavier loads within a shorter period of time. Its a tool in the tool box you can carry over to other formats in slightly different set ups.

Think about when are you time poor but need to get a solid load in?



Movement Prep;

TRX or Ring Row To External Rotation - 2 sets 12 
Inverted Pull Up - 2 sets of 10

Single Arm Flat Dumbbell Chest Press - 2 sets of 12 each side

Big Movements;

Every Minute On The Minute (EMOM): 8 Rounds

A1: Chin Up - Semi-Supinated Grip - 8 sets of 3 
A2: 45 Incline Barbell Close Grip Press - 8 sets of 3


B1: Lying Low Reach Cable Curl - 3 sets of 15,12,10  (30 seconds rest)
B2: Standing Triceps Extensions - Long Ropes - 3 sets of 15,12,10  (30 seconds rest)


Pump Chaser;

D: Seated Neutral Grip DB Bicep Curl - 2 sets of 15-20 (60 seconds rest)



Written by Isaac Davidson.