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Arm Farm Friday Special Ep.06

Arm Farm Friday Special Ep.06

Feb 10, 2023

Perform HQ

 We welcome you back to Episode 6.

Today's education is going to be all about intensity and efficiency. Way too many people in the gym spend way too long with more junk volume then they need too, especially with arm training!

This workout is going to be short and sharp but we want you to see the value in executing your movements as best you can from the start with your warm up sets, through to your top sets.

In today's workout we'll be utilising a pretty simple way of ordering your exercises. A heavy movement followed by a light movement. Similar to the rest-pause and drop-set styles of ordering this helps us extend the set and build volume within what we're trying to do.

But, i challenge you to take your time now that this workout is much shorter.

Warm up properly with 2-3 sets prior of a weight that you can move relatively easy. Focus on quality and focus on getting the working tissue warm and ready for the heavier loads. Upon picking your weight for the top sets, start a touch lighter and slowly add load for each set. Then for your final few sets we really challenge you push through the reps on your 'lighter' sets, while maintaining quality. If it says 10-15, but you get to 15 and you've still got more in the tank keep going. As always dropping in technique is always your marker to stop. But, fight to hold quality and push past the rep ranges if you can. Therefore encouraging you to load another 1.25-5kg to your exercises to be within that 10-15 rep range.

You should after the first 4 exercises feel like the workout is done!

Arm Farm Ep.06

Again, all the exercises are hyperlinked for you. Click on the exercises to see a video from our YouTube.


Movement Prep;

Walking KB Bottom Up Hold - 2 sets of 30m each side
Ring Inverted Row - 2 sets of 8-12
Ring Triceps Extension - 2 sets of 6-8

Big Movements;

A1: Barbell Floor Press - 5 sets of 4-8 (no rest)
A2: Floor DB Triceps Extensions - 5 sets of 10-15 (90 seconds rest)


B1: Ring Chin Up - 5 sets of 4-8  (no rest)
B2: Low Reach Squat Cable Curl - 5 sets of 10-15 (90 seconds rest)


Pump Chaser & Finisher;

C1: High Cable Dual Bicep Curl - 2 sets of 10-15

C2: Behind The Neck Cable Triceps Extensions - 2 sets of 10-15 


Written by Isaac Davidson.