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On the 2nd and 3rd of October we will be running our very first 'Coaching The Performance Athlete' 2 day seminar.

But, in order to get the absolute most our of these 2 days we're giving you the option to run through our pre-seminar mentorship.

Over the two days our goal is to go quite in depth with content regarding the what, why and how of coaching our athletes. 

Plenty of which will require some further exposure of things like the language and principles before hand to help you get the absolute most out it.

So, starting from the 24th August we will be running our 6-week pre-course material online. 

These 6 weeks will have the goal of being able to piece all the pieces together upon your time with us here at Perform HQ during the two day seminar.

The content of these days will go as follows;




WEEK ONE - Anatomy, Structures & Assessments

Putting together the piece of anatomy and our structure and how it relates to what's presented in front of us. What assessments we perform on our athletes to gather precision in our program design.


WEEK TWO - Planning, Periodisation, Load Management

The ability to grab your data you've gathered from your athlete and piece together the initial structure and road map to their program. How to get an understanding of how much stress has been on their system and where to take their program there.


WEEK THREE - Strength Qualities

Understanding what adaptations each strength qualities achieves. Breaking down experience upon the application of different executions for each of these qualities.


WEEK FOUR - Strength Programming

Putting pen to paper and designing programs based off case studies presented in front of us. How we use the deeper understanding of strength qualities to articulate your plans.


WEEK FIVE - Energy Systems

How does our body continue to create energy through our energy systems to continue to complete tasks. What each of these individual systems are and their role in building our athletes.


WEEK SIX - Conditioning Programming

The topic most coaches struggle with. How do we create accurate conditioning programs that don't have the goal of fatigue. But rather to build the engine of our athletes and allow them to showcase their skills without hand brakes.




Our goal for you to for upon completing the 6-week pre-course mentorship;
  • Walk in with confidence of the language and terminology.

  • Have the base understanding of anatomy and it's carry over into movement in sport.

  • Grasp load management and how to put that into action to manage injury risk and improve performance.

  • Be able to map out a long term periodisation for an athlete.

  • Know your energy systems, how they work, how we tap into them and how to program for them.

  • Be able to begin to piece the progression and regression aspect of coaching gait drills.

  • Have confidence to attend the two day seminar with the ideal base to be able to connect all the information ready to apply.